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About Our Company

United Memorial Home

is proud of the services we offer:


-Seating for over 150 guests.

-A staff of directors to serve you around the clock.   

-Visitation room.

-Large and complete selection of caskets, vaults, urns and grave


-Large and modern fleet of funeral cars.

-Newspaper notices, vital statistics, and out-of-state transfers. 


Traditional music or your loved ones favorite music style can be softly heard throughout our facility by our customized audio system during calling hours. Our families can take a quiet moment to relax or to have private conversation in our visitation room. 


United Memorial and the entire staff would like to thank our customers and the community for all of your support in trusting us to meet your needs with caring, courteous and professional service. We promise to continue our commitment by providing services, information and support. Our customers are very important people in our business.

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